Hazelwood resident holds the gallery kit.

Public Art: AEU Home Gallery Kit No. 1

Kit No. 1: Drawing

Residents holding gallery kits.
John and Johanna get their kits!

Arts Excursions Unlimited is community. To foster a sense of togetherness, while we must be apart, due to COVID-19, AEU presents: AEU Home Art Gallery!

AEU Home Art Gallery featured the work of five Pittsburgh-based artists, who were commissioned to provide content for the kit. Hazelwood residents can get to know the artists and use their artwork in the kit as inspiration to create at home.

The first kit focused on Drawing and features these artists:

Visit with artist Tom Sarver.
Visit with artist Curtis Reaves.

Physical kits were distributed to the neighborhood in April 2020 with all of the needed materials to draw at home.