Excursion: Juneteenth

June 2021

Our June excursion was spent enjoying the City’s Juneteenth celebrations! We went to the Juneteenth celebration in Point State Park.

Youth on the excursion were provided plastic, digital cameras to capture their neighbors attending the event.

The images below: Edith and Tayshaun; Maya, Nita, and Debi; Jo Jo; Odyssey at Market Square; Jo Jo and Odyssey

Excursion: Pittsburgh Ballet

May 2021

Families enjoyed an in person lunch and low key birthday celebration for Carolyn, Jo-Jo, Nita and Tameeka. After lunch we headed to Flagstaff Hill at Schenley Park to listen to the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater Orchestra and watch a program of classical and contemporary ballet.

Excursion: Parking Garages

April 2021

The April excursion was an investigation of parking garages in downtown Pittsburgh. Because we are a bit rusty in traveling and experiencing places together, we went to the wrong garage!

We took a glass elevator ride up to the top of a parking garage at 7th and Penn Avenue. We were supposed to be at 6th and Penn Avenue for Downtown Pittsburgh’s Car Bazaar. Fortunately, someone spotted the flea market from the rooftop. So we all headed back down the elevator to Penn Avenue, walked a block and up another elevator. Joey performed a bit of vendor reconnaissance for the Hazelwood markets. Everyone else did some shopping and then we went to lunch.

At the Science Center

Post-lunch some of us took the train to the North Side and went to the Carnegie Science Center. You can take your own creative tour of parking garages with this AEU guide!

Public Art: Motorcycle Rabbit

A bunny took a ride on the back of a motorcycle to deliver Easter baskets throughout Hazelwood. This daredevil creature delivers baskets to the young and old throughout the neighborhood.

Many friends close and far supported our spring basket fundraiser by purchasing baskets for young people in the neighborhood, donating lots of candy and one extraordinary resident, David, donated drinks, chips and baskets. This is his second year of loading us up with treats and snacks to make the spring special for his neighbors. He told us he is blessed and so are we!

Another Easter activity included an egg word search!

32 handmade eggs with words were hung up throughout the neighborhood for residents to find and use the words to write poems with. We didn’t get any poems but most of the eggs made of cardboard, paint, paper and sharpies survived a snow storm, a couple of downpours, freezing temperatures and 70+ degree sun.

Excursion: Ice-skating at PPG

February 2021

Families journeyed to Downtown Pittsburgh, on the 56 and 57 bus lines, to enjoy an afternoon of ice skating. The sun was out, the temperature was high and the ice was slippery. Adults and youth skated around the rink!

Jacquin and Aaron Jr. ice-skating.

In 2019 we went to Rockefeller Center. We were practicing our ice skating chops in Pittsburgh so that we can show off our skills when we return to the Big Apple.