Excursion: Grandparents’ Day

We celebrate our grandparents every year! In September 2021, we rented out a shelter at Schenley Park. We all enjoyed a meal together and gave out awards to our exceptional grandparents and neighbors.

Image by Heather Mull.
Image by Heather Mull

Public Art: Rocking Cradle

AEU teenĀ artistĀ assistants Tashay and Tayshaun and Center of Life youth worked with CMU School of Architecture professor Dana Cupkova, Matthew Huber and their students on sculptures for the nursery at Hazelwood Green.

These sculptures were 3D printed using sand. The source text was generated through multiple Mad Lib sessions with youth in kindergarten through 6th grade during the Center of Life Summer Camp.

Read about the project in the Rivers of Steel newsletter.

Public Art: Film Screening

Captured at Spartan Center on 08 14, 2021 by Heather Mull Photography.

We hosted a night of outdoor film screenings of filmmaker Tony Buba’s work! Buba joined us at the event in the Spartan Center parking lot.

Public Art: Walking Tour of Hazelwood

We led a public art walking tour of Hazelwood, complete with a marching band! We started at the Barn Swallow in Mill Plaza and made our way along Second Avenue to the Elizabeth Street bridge and back. Our six stops each had a speaker with neighborhood connections talk about the art from their perspective.

Ceramic artist, Marce Nixon Washington was also on site sharing her ceramic knowledge and skills with a hands on take home project in the plaza.