Public Art: Time Travelers

We unveiled a new mural on Elizabeth Street, Time Travelers, that highlights Hazelwood’s path from the past to the future in October 2019. The Candy Land inspired mural features two Hazelwood residents, Odyssey and Homer, and traces our development as a community.

Image by Heather Mull.

Thanks to everyone involved for making this project shine! Special thanks to artist Sandy Kessler Kaminski for her work on painting the mural.

Image by Heather Mull.

The mural, with a small park beside it, has been the talk of the neighborhood. The first thing people say when you ask them about the ripples of art-making in the neighborhood is, “Have you seen the mural?”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October 28, 2019, “Art as an agent of social change, in which the public is co-creator”

Read about the project in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Public Art: Dylamato’s Market

In partnership with Trying Together and in collaboration with Hazelwood artist Dylan Rooke, we completed an interactive Play Stop at local grocery store Dylamato’s Market.

Hazelwood residents participated in the process by drawing and thinking about what they eat. We painted the facade of Dylamato’s and installed an interactive mural about “What You Eat.”

The work includes movable food and a flip book of recipes.

Find images of the Playstop installations and process at the Playful Pittsburgh Collaborative.