Excursion: Washington D.C.

December 2018

At the National Gallery of Art.
At the Capitol.
Having a dinner out in D.C.
Spending time coloring in the hotel lobby.

We took a special journey to the nation’s capital for a weekend to take in the sights and visit the highlights of the art scene, including the National Museum of African American History.

On the bus, traveling to D.C.

Excursion: Carrie Furnace + Sandcastle

July 2018

The group at Carrie Furnace. Photo by Terry Clark.

Rivers of Steel hosted a community day for the arts. We spent the afternoon making screen prints, exploring the historic Carrie Furnace site, and creating crafts.

Screen printing Community Day posters. Photo by Terry Clark.
Exploring the old steel mill. Photo by Terry Clark.

Then we suited up and went to Sandcastle for water fun.

Getting swim and sun ready! Photo by Terry Clark.

Excursion: Playing in the Park

June 2018

Heading to the playground. Photo by Heather Mull.
Picnicking together. Photo by Heather Mull.

We picnicked and played at the park for a summer afternoon.

Playing! Photo by Heather Mull.

Excursion: Let’s Move

April 2018

Spring was in the air, and we got moving! We attended the Let’s Move Family Dance Party at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater. At the party, we danced and participated in caricature drawing.

Dancing at the Kelly Strayhorn. Photo by Terry Clark.
Walking at the Frick Environmental Center. Photo by Terry Clark.

Then, we went to the Frick Environmental Center for an Earth Day celebration.

Meeting a chicken at the Frick Environmental Center. Photo by Terry Clark.